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Research and Development

MJ was conceived because of one sole invention: Hyfer Plus foliar fertilizer. The product was so innovative and game-changing that it carried the existence of the Company during its initial birth pains. Management knew then, as now, of the underlying importance innovation plays in every product we stamp our name. Does it satisfy a need? Does it provide a distinct and substantial benefit to the customer? All these, and many more questions, guided Management to putting utmost priority in R and D. Read More»

ECO Friendly Technologies

We only have one Earth to call home, and the amount of land in this planet is constant. The longer we preserve our natural assets, the longer this fixed supply of land can serve man for food, shelter, resources, etc. MJ recognizes the paramount need to balance business and to protect the environment. It is committed to having the least carbon footprint in everything we do. Read More»

Quality Control

The MJ brand is synonymous with quality control. Customers are assured that every product manufactured or distributed with the MJ label passes through a series of stringent quality checks second to none. These standards are based on the highest criteria as set forth by our own R and D Department, locally by the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) of the Philippines, and counter checked internationally with prevailing world standards as well. Read More»
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