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Active Ingredient: Niclosamide 70%

SNAILBLASTER 70WP is a molluscicide with respiratory and stomach action for the control of fresh water snails infesting rice, and schistosomiasis and fascioliasis in man by killing the fresh-water snails which act as intermediate hosts. It is also used for veterinary control of tapeworm infestations. Other traits...Read More »


Active Ingredient: Chlorothalonil 50%

ORANIL 500 SC is a broad spectrum organochlorine non systemic pesticide (fungicide) for the control of diseases in fruit trees, vegetables, ornamentals and other field crops. Its mode of action is to reduce fungal intracellular glutathione molecules to alternate forms which cannot participate in essential enzymatic reactions....Read More »


Active Ingredient: Cartap Hydrochloride

OPTIMUS 50SP is a systemic insecticide derived from nereistoxin, a naturally occurring insecticidal substance. It is effective against chewing, sucking, leaf mining and stem boring insects due to its systemic action which acts as stomach and contact poison. Insect pests become paralyzed, discontinue feeding and eventually, die...Read More »


Active Ingredient: Malathion 570 grams

is a non-systemic, organophosphate parasympathomimetic concentrate containing 570 grams Malathion per liter having both stomach and contact activity. It is mixed with water and applied as a high-volume spray whenever insect pest populations first appear. A repeat spraying may be needed if pest persists or the...Read More »


Active Ingredient: Profenofos 50%

JET STOPPER 500EC is a broad spectrum insecticide containing profenofos, and works through contact and stomach action. It is compatible to most pesticide products except copper containing compounds.

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