2,4-D Amine


Active Ingredient: 2,4-D Amine

2,4-D Amine is a selective post-emergent herbicide, and is secondarily a plant growth regulator. It is very compatible with commonly used herbicides, except those with very acidic spray magnesium sulphate and lime sulfur. The active ingredients in 2,4-D AMINE are very stable to allow re-entry into treated fields a day after spraying. It is specifically used for broadleaf weed and sedges control in agricultural and non-agricultural settings, and is registered for use in both terrestrial and aquatic environments. Major sites include pasture and rangeland, residential lawns, roadways, and cropland. Crops treated with 2,4-D include field corn, soybeans, spring wheat, hazelnuts, rice, sugarcane and barley. It appears to work by causing uncontrolled cell division in vascular tissue. Abnormal increases in cell wall plasticity, biosynthesis of proteins, and production of ethylene occur in plant tissues following exposure, and these processes are responsible for uncontrolled cell division.

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