Efficacy Evaluation of Hyfer Plus Growth Enhancer (GREEN) as Foliar Fertilizer for Tomato

Download Efficacy Evaluation of Hyfer Plus (GREEN) as Foliar Fertilizer for Tomato

Hyper Plus Growth enhancer(Green) is registered at Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) as an effective foliar fertilizer for rice. Results of field trials in lowland rice showed improved effects on yield. Hyfer Plus represents a breakthrough for higher and profitable yields. Some of the benefits claimed to be derived from Hyfer Plus are as follows: a) It
enhances vigorous growth and development for having a unique blend of essential macro and micro nutrients b) quality sticker that minimized washed off in case of heavy rains and c) improves pollination and fruit set, lower incidence of flower and fruit drop, hasten maturity and development and reduced the undesirable effects of bad weather.

Due to favorable market acceptance and preference when tried in other crops by end-users, the manufacturer, Multi Lines Inc. (MLI) decided to expand its label to include registration in tomato. However, all these claims must be validated by conducting field trials at different locations and cropping seasons.

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