Efficacy Evaluation of Hyfer Plus Bloombooster(Red) Foliar Fertilizer on Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum Anna Marie

Download Efficacy Testing of Hyfer Plus Foliar Fertilizer (8-16-24) on Chrysanthemum

The use of foliar fertilizers is becoming popular particularly in areas where nutrient uptake is limited by certain soil physical and chemical properties. Aside from providing nutrients more quickly, foliar fertilizers also enhance the uptake of nutrients from the soil by encouraging plants to take up more water. A wide range of this type of fertilizer is now commercially available and so it is important to choose the right foliar fertilizer that matches the nutritional needs of a particular crop.

Chrysanthemum (Dendranthema grandfjlora formerly Chrysanrhemum (Ramat) Hemsel, is considered an ideal cutflower because it has a wide range of flower form, size and color; long storage life (3-6 weeks); relatively long vase life (l-2 weeks); easily propagated; short life cycle; flowering can be controlled and can be harvested in the immature stage and opened artìflcìally under controlled conditions. The demand for Chrysanthernum cutflowers continues to be strong and the demand is all year round.

HYFER PLUS (8-I6-24) manufactured by Multi Lines Incorporated, is guaranteed to (a) promote growth and healthy green leaves and reduce intensity of chlorosís; (b) increase plants resistance to diseases; (C) increase flower formation, fruit and seed set, and rate of maturity; (d) facilitate plant health and strength against stress conditions; and (e) improve soil health and mìcroflora activities. However, these claims have not yet been validated for crnamentals particularly Chrysanthemum grown under Philippine conditions, hence the need

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