Application Guide of Hyfer Plus Foliar Fertilizer in Rice


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Rice (oryza stiva), is an annual grass with round, hollow, jointed culms; narrow,flat, sessile leaf blades joined to the leaf sheaths with collars.It is generally grown throughout the Philippines and other tropical regions in the world. Rice growth can be divided into Three agronomic stages of development namely, vegetative stage (from germination to panicle initiation),reproductive stage ( from panicle initiation to heading), and grain filling and ripening stage (from heading to maturity)

Rice is the staple food in the Philippines, with growing demands in rice due to population increase, methods of cultivation and new technology in rice production has been introduce to increase yield and productivity to be able to cope up with the growing demand. Optimum yield can be affected by different factors such as yield potential of the cultivar, environmental condition and Proper plant nutrition.

Rice requires Macro and Micro nutrients for proper growth. Macro nutrients (N,P,K,S,Ca) is required in large amount. Micro nutrients (Boron, copper, Iron, Manganese, Zinc and molybdenum) on the other hand, is needed in smaller quantities. However, deficiency of any or combination of these micro nutrients can have a great effect on the yield potential. Proper fertilization and timing is very important. Complete soil analysis is the best way to evaluate and determine the right nutrient and right amount to be supplied. Other plant needs such as vitamins, hormones and humic acid can also be supplied to ensure better yields..Application of needed nutrients by foliar means is also an option in supplying needed nutrients by the plant. Hyfer foliar fertilizer is a unique blend of properly balanced essential macro and micro nutrients, vitamins, hormones, amino acids, humic acid and spreader- sticker. It is formulated to supplement necessary nutrients for optimum plant development. Hyfer Plus Foliar Fertilizer is a complete plant food supplement formulated based on different development stages of the plant. Hyfer Plus Growth Enhancer(Green) is used generally during the vegetative stage while Bloom Booster(Red) is used during flowering and fruiting stage.

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