Research and Development

MJ was conceived because of one sole invention: Hyfer Plus foliar fertilizer. The product was so innovative and game-changing that it carried the existence of the Company during its initial birth pains. Management knew then, as now, of the underlying importance innovation plays in every product we stamp our name. Does it satisfy a need? Does it provide a distinct and substantial benefit to the customer? All these, and many more questions, guided Management to putting utmost priority in R and D.

MJ’s Management made an early decision to allocate a substantial portion of its revenues to the development of the next generation of innovative products. These pursuits must answer the ever-growing needs of tomorrow’s agriculture. In tandem with our mission, the Company’s goal is to generate the bulk of future revenue from proprietary products that can deliver more farm output, at the lowest possible cost and with the least impact to the environment. In the works are many potential block-busters in the field of organic farming, genetically-engineered seeds, labor saving devices and ideas in general that could change the way we farm.

The future looks promising with MJ. Bright minds are spearheading its R and D, and are getting ever closer to solving agriculture’s biggest challenges. And as Hyfer Plus is already helping many farmers around the world, bet and expect more from us for many years to come.

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